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Shampoo wax Plus

Highly concentrated carshampoo for cleaning and maintenance of transport vehicles. Contains real Carnauba wax. Removes traffic film and generates a streak-free shiny surface. Water is immediately repelled and leaves a protective layer.

Carton 4x5L
917-022-147   Can 10L


Powerful foam cleaner for use in high pressure cleaning equipment. Generates a stable and very effective foam blanket, even on vertical surfaces and revoves heavy contamination easily.

Carton 4x5L
950-012-154   Can 20L
950-200-154 Barrel 200L

Wheel Cleaner

Powerful alkaline wheel cleaner. Easily removes brake dust, brake residue and traffic film
from heavily soiled wheels.

Carton 12x750ml trigger
941-011-204 Carton 4x5L
941-012-204 Can 20L

Power Wash

Extremely powerful foam cleaner. Can also be used in the food industry (HACCP). Removes even the toughest dirt and is highly suitable as an industrial cleaner. Formulated without fragrances and dyes.

Carton 4x5L
940-012-152 Can 20L
940-200-152 Barrel 200L

Power Cleaner

Universal cleaner and degreaser. Easily removes a wide range of contaminants. Safe for use on all types of surfaces. Remains very effective when diluted

Carton 4x5L
905-012-207 Can 20L
905-200-207 Barrel 200L

Industrial Cleaner

Universal heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. Easily removes a wide range of contaminants, even for removal of animal and vegetable fats.

Carton 4x5L
918-012-209 Can 20L

Degreaser Bio

Powerful, biological degradable, degreaser for removal of lubricants, grease, soot, etc. Suitable for all surfaces except on soft metals such as aluminium.

Carton 4x5L
901-022-090 Can 10L
901-200-090 Barrel 200L

LOW FOAM Cleaner

Highly concentrated low foaming cleaner. Can be used in floorcleaning machines and is highly suitable for use in schools, hospitals, workshops, factories, etc.

Can 10L
920-012-211 Can 20L
pH 1

Rust Remover & Metalbrite

Powerful and fast acting acid cleaner. Particularly suitable for removing lime, oxidation, rust, cement and road grime from aluminium surfaces, vehicles, pipes and tiles. Not suitable for cleaning calcareous stones (marble).

Can 10L